Engineer with extensive experience developing world-class enterprise software. Skilled in all aspects of software development with a disciplined coding style, sense of standards ensuring project continuity and the ability to communicate the mission beyond mere code.                              

Skills and Technologies

Java   Python   IntelliJ   Eclipse
Git   ant   Maven   Jenkins
ReST   Apache NiFi   Tomcat
SQL   JDBC   Hibernate   Spring
Linux/Unix   MongoDB   MySQL
Amazon S3   Cassandra
Multi-threaded programming
Docker   Elastic (ELK)

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  • Excellent communication skills
  • History of working with customers and third parties
  • Long experience developing for world-class organizations
  • Proven ability to keep schedules and go the extra mile
  • Eclipse IDE specialist and tutorial author

Software Development

  • Healthcare analysis and ETL
  • Sophisticated web platform business services
  • Major software products in multiple organizations
  • Development to myriad and widely diverse OS platforms
  • First multithreaded, multiprocessing and POSIX environment for NetWare
  • Technical development partnerships with Motorola, Xerox, Hitachi and Mitsubishi
  • Acolyte of test-driven development: saves time, instills peace of mind!


  • Communicate the project beyond mere development and coding
  • White papers, design and "how it works" documents
  • Author of numerous articles and presentations, especially on JEE topics
  • Active polyglot and linguist with competence in French, Latin, other Romance languages, German and Greek